Running for the purpose of recovery is necessary for all, and even the athletes, so to speak, not cross-country sports. Running for these athletes has its own characteristics and advantages. Let us examine them primobolan in detail.

Here are the beneficial effects obtained by regular exercise jogging workouts.

First, running is able to cope with stress and insomnia, calming and stimulating the nervous system. In addition, while running specific substances are produced, which, acting like a drug, improve mood and give a sense of euphoria. Also running is able to deal with pain syndromes. It has been observed that post-workout pain pass after running much faster.

Second, running improves the cardiovascular system . It is proved that under the influence of processes in the run expansion of the vascular lumen occurs, which leads to normalization krovoobmennyh processes, prevents stagnation of blood in the muscles and organs. Normalizes blood pressure, and trains the heart muscle. Also, running a prophylactic of atherosclerosis and other diseases associated with elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Thirdly, running develops respiratory endurance which is required in many sports, including power. For example, a respiratory endurance can recall during exercise - 20 sit-ups. In addition, running has a preventive effect on the respiratory system: there is a so-called forced ventilation of the lungs, which prevents development of various diseases. Thus, cross-country exercises help increase the body's immune properties.

Fourth, while running a very large number of burnt calories. For most programs, aimed at burning fat and relief development, include in its composition a regular jogging exercise or, at least, fast walking. It is proved that for effective weight loss is necessary not only to comply with the special nutrition program, but also to engage in cross-country training. Enough primobolan long running training is comparable to high-intensity strength training for calorie expenditure.

So, running has a lot of advantages to them to deal with. It remains to understand how to run power sports athletes. Specificity of athletes mainly consists in particular their sporting purposes. For example, the level of competitive bodybuilder should in no matter what was to maintain its lean muscle mass to the maximum. A run can not only to burn fat, but also muscle. However, the beneficial effects are listed by running make lean all the same in the direction of the need of the latter.

In order to maintain the muscle mass necessary to resort to a certain kind of restrictions in the run. These limitations include: the duration of treadmill exercise, the heart rate and the location in the running of time with respect to the basic strength training. There are two basic modes of training - aerobic and anaerobic. The first mode corresponds to the heart rate in a range of frequencies in the quiescent state until 70% of the maximum heart rate. Anything above 70%, relates to anaerobic training.

Anaerobic training is the greatest danger for muscle mass , as is quite intense and can be used as an energy source protein of muscle fibers. To avoid this, you must not allow to enter a workout in catabolic window. For example, to run with such intensity immediately after waking up is impossible. Furthermore, even if the body gets the necessary calories time, it is necessary to limit the time a training - 10 - 20 minutes.

The second training mode is not as dangerous as the first, so this workout time can be increased to 60 minutes and more. In any case, in order to prevent loss of muscle mass you need to follow the regular flow of calories at set time intervals. However, as in any sport, there are limitations.

Firstly, if the weight of the body is large enough, you can not start with a high-intensity and long on running time. Excess weight can serve as a challenge for the leg joints and spine, not to mention the cardiovascular system.

Second, if there are already any particular joints and spine, primobolan it is necessary to restrict or brisk walking, or upgrade to a more secure version of cardio - exercise bike or ellipsoid.

Third, the disease associated with the vessels of the legs can also cause a transition to safer options treadmill workout. In general, running and its varieties are an excellent tool for the prevention of various diseases and the main indicator of an active and healthy lifestyle .

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